Day: February 2, 2017

Online consensus confirms this year’s Pro Bowl uniforms were hideous

Online consensus confirms this year’s Pro Bowl uniforms were hideous

By: Ashley Conley

Another NFL Pro Bowl has come and gone and fans have flocked to social media with a wide array of opinions on the uniforms.

The popular opinion? This year’s garbs were pretty unpleasant.

Both teams donned traditional colors, NFC squad in blue and the AFC in red. While the main colors were pretty basic, the neon yellowish-green accents made these jerseys stick out like a sore thumb.

NFL: Pro Bowl
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It isn’t necessarily breaking news that the Pro Bowl uniforms have been treacherous for the last few years. ESPN contributor Paul Lukas is convinced that the NFL must have some sort of unwritten rule “requiring the game to be played in something akin to clown costumes.”

For decades, the uniforms looked relatively similar with plain base colors (blue, red and/or white) and equally basic outline and accent colors. We’ve even seen USA-themed jerseys with stars (my personal favorite). In 2014, however, the NFL turned the Pro Bowl uni’s upside down and inside out with random neons…


and it’s been downhill ever since.

Regardless of the uniforms, at least this year’s game was more competitive than usual. The AFC squeaked by the NFC 20-13 in a matchup that ultimately came down to the last drive.

Awesome uniforms are an added incentive but the Pro Bowl is only watchable when the players actually try.

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