Day: February 14, 2017

Fans in agony after WVU suffers meltdown at Phog Allen Fieldhouse

Fans in agony after WVU suffers meltdown at Phog Allen Fieldhouse

By: Ashley Conley

It’s Valentine’s Day and WVU fans across the country may need a few extra chocolates and/or flowers to ease the heartache that stems from a complete meltdown last night against the Kansas Jayhawks on national television.

Members of Mountaineer Nation watching the game from home probably had questions like these on their mind during WVU’s epic calamity:

  • When was the last time WVU consistently made free throws in crunch time?
  • Does anyone remember how to rebound?
  • Is Nathan Adrian’s hair in his eyes? Can he even see?
  • Why does life have to be so tough?

WVU held a 64-50 lead with less than three minutes to play. Thinking the game was out of reach, The Rock Chalk faithful began filing out the doors. Seeing as the Kansas audience had just broken a Guinness World Record for loudest indoor sports crowd ever, TV announcer Dickie V went on one of his famous “I-Can’t-Believe-It!” rants.

I bet those fans wish they would’ve stayed. They would’ve loved what came next.

Like we’ve seen from a Bill Self-coached team so many times before, the Jayhawks did the impossible by storming back from a 14-point deficit. Kansas outscored WVU 21-7 in the final two minutes of regulation. As for the overtime period, well, it basically went like this:

  • Kansas three-pointer
  • WVU missed free throws
  • Kansas three-pointer
  • WVU missed shot
  • Kansas made free throws

And so on.

What made this loss so lousy is that the Mountaineers defeated themselves. WVU outplayed Kansas for a majority of the game, outlasted some terrible officiating, and had the game won. They just couldn’t hold onto it. And Kansas is just that good.

Heartbreaking losses have become the norm for WVU lately (i.e. Oklahoma vs. West Virginia), but Mountaineer fans still have a lot to cheer about.

WVU defeated Kansas earlier this year and they have a handful of other marquee wins on their resume including one against Baylor (then ranked No. 1) and a road win over then-No. 6 Virginia. Although the chances of winning the Big 12 are slim to none (Kansas is on course to win a 13th consecutive conference title), the Mountaineers will make the NCAA Tournament and they still control their own destiny.

Death, taxes and Kansas basketball at the Phog – things that are inevitable and brutally disappointing.

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Ashley Conley is a senior journalism student at WVU. She aspires to become a writer or reporter in the sports industry upon graduation. You can follow her on Twitter @ashleyconleyyy