The Will Grier era is about to take Morgantown by storm

The Will Grier era is about to take Morgantown by storm

By: Ashley Conley

The anticipation West Virginia fans have for upcoming quarterback Will Grier is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Grier isn’t just the ‘next man up’. There’s a certain type of hope that beams from his bright smile, strong arm and semi-proven ability–a championship-caliber hope.

There’s a million reasons for WVU fans to be excited. Players like Grier aren’t ‘supposed’ to come to West Virginia; this isn’t a school that’s known for getting highly recruited or top-rated players on the regular.

Will Grier (14-gold jersey) breaks away from a team huddle. (Image Credit: Ashley Conley)

In 2015, Grier led the Florida Gators to a 6-0 start. Soon after, his football world rapidly fell apart when he received a one-year suspension from the NCAA for PED use. His future in Gainesville was up in the air. He decided to transfer. But where would he go? A powerhouse school? Another highly-decorated program with multiple national titles?

Nope. He chose West Virginia. Non-fans were pretty stunned…

…while Mountaineer Nation welcomed Grier and his endless potential with open arms. This is the kind of quarterback talent they’ve been anticipating since Pat White and Geno Smith, who led WVU to a Fiesta Bowl victory (2008) and Orange Bowl victory (2012), respectively.

As September approaches, the excitement has only grown greater, even though there’s a slight possibility Grier won’t be eligible to play in week one due to the 365-day nature of his suspension. However, West Virginia has made an appeal to the NCAA that will likely be approved.

These fans have every right to be this high on the Grier horse. A 10-win season in 2016 ended in a Russell Athletic Bowl loss and a broken connection between fans and two-year starting QB Skyler Howard. Disappointment is nothing new for this fan base, but being genuinely confident in the QB position months prior to the season starting is relatively fresh.

Since he last saw game action on a collegiate football field, Grier has grown up. He survived the public scrutiny resulting from his mistake, went through the transfer process, got married and became a father. Something tells me that he’s never been more prepared to win than he is right now.

Cover Image: Ashley Conley

Ashley Conley is a senior journalism student at WVU. She aspires to become a writer or reporter in the sports industry upon graduation. You can follow her on Twitter @ashleyconleyyy

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