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Reactions from around the sports world – what’s trending and why

Reactions from around the sports world – what’s trending and why

By: Ashley Conley

In a world dominated by cellphone use, being present on social media is just part of being a sports fan. Almost everyone is on social media, so it’s become one big melting pot of people from all over the world watching the same game but sharing different perspectives.

The best thing about sports fans (like you and me) is that we’ll always be around. We’ll never stop watching our favorite players and favorite teams and we’ll probably never stop tweeting/Facebooking/etc. about them either.

Since Fans Unfiltered is dedicated to discovering, discussing and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly posted to social media by sports fans, professional reporters and even the athletes themselves, this is the perfect place for you to keep up with what’s trending and why.

What’s trending right now? 

1. NFL Pro Bowl uniforms – After scrolling through Twitter, it’s safe to say that the majority of fans watching the Pro Bowl on January 29 were appalled by the uniforms for both teams. The NFC sported an odd shade of blue with neon yellow/green accents while the AFC wore an off-tone red with the same colored accents.

Who designed these things? And why are the uniforms such a big deal in the Pro Bowl?

2. The SEC-Big 12 Challenge should happen in football, too, not just hoops – Another SEC-Big 12 Challenge has come and gone and boy, was it entertaining. The Challenge shakes things up a bit, allowing teams to play non-conference opponents midway through the season. A lot of these contests can be game changers (for instance, No. 2 Kansas versus No. 4 Kentucky) when March rolls around.

Why can’t this happen with football, also? Can you imagine how great it would be to have some non-conference action midway through the college football season, especially if it could help determine who makes the College Football Playoff?

3. Is the ACC the best conference in college basketball this season? – This has been a pretty heated debate on social media over the last month or so. Of course ACC fans agree, rightfully so, with six teams ranked in the Top 25 being the most of any conference. However, the Big 12 has three teams in the Top 10 alone.

This argument could go either way, for now.

4. Should Gonzaga really be ranked No. 1 overall? – Yes, Gonzaga is undefeated (22-0) but does that automatically grant them the No. 1 overall ranking? A lot of folks on social media would disagree. The Bulldogs play in the West Coast Conference, a conference with seemingly little competition. It’s the end of January, and while teams like Kansas are playing teams like Kentucky, Gonzaga’s competition is Portland and Pepperdine.

5. An Oklahoma Big 12 trophy got shattered and the Internet can’t stop laughingA photo began to trend on social media a few days ago of a man pushing a raggedy cart over a sidewalk with a handful of Oklahoma’s Big 12 championship trophies on board. One of them fell off (which isn’t surprising if you look at the photo) and shattered to pieces. Meanwhile, the Internet has been trying to figure out why OU doesn’t take better care of its hardware.

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Cover Image: Michael Reeves/Kentucky Kernel

Ashley Conley is a senior journalism student at WVU. She aspires to become a writer or reporter in the sports industry upon graduation. You can follow her on Twitter @ashleyconleyyy